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Maps of Allatoona Pass

Map Legend

The Battle
     Opening Moves
     10:00 AM
     10:20 AM
     10:30 AM
     10:40 AM
     10:50 AM
     11:00 AM
     12:00 PM
     1:30 PM
     2:00 PM

Then and Now

Order of Battle

Wargaming Allatoona Pass


The Battle of Allatoona Pass
allatoona pass


     The Battle of Allatoona Pass was a small but vicious battle fought in 1864 in Georgia between the end of the Atlanta Campaign and the beginning of Sherman’s March to the Sea.  During that time Confederate General John B. Hood attempted to disrupt the supply lines of the victorious armies under Union General William T. Sherman stationed in Atlanta.  On October 5th the Confederate division under Major General Samuel G. French attempted to overrun the Union garrison and seize the strategic railroad cut located at Allatoona Pass.  Despite the participants numbering only about 5,000 soldiers total, the casualty rate was very high with the Confederates suffering 27% and the Union 35% casualties each.

      Today the battlefield is remarkably preserved.  The forts and most of the outer works are on US Corps of Engineers property, was improved during the past decade by the Etowah Valley Historical Society (EVHS), and is now maintained by Red Top Mountain State Park.  The park is easily accessible all year round and can easily be viewed in one day, including forays off the normal paths and into the woods to obscure trenches and avenues of attack.

      Come take a short virtual tour of Allatoona Pass, and hopefully you will get to visit the battlefield yourself one day!



     Take I-75 north or south to Exit 283.  Go east, which is left if you are coming from the north, or right if you are coming up from the south.  Travel about 1.5 miles until you see the large earthen dam to Lake Allatoona on the left.  The parking lot for the park is below the dam.  The Clayton House is across the street.

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