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Maps of Allatoona Pass

Map Legend

The Battle
     Opening Moves
     10:00 AM
     10:20 AM
     10:30 AM
     10:40 AM
     10:50 AM
     11:00 AM
     12:00 PM
     1:30 PM
     2:00 PM

Then and Now

Order of Battle

Wargaming Allatoona Pass


10:40 AM

           Cockrell and Young’s brigades intermingle and charge Rowett’s Redoubt.  Sears’ Brigade appears from the north and threatens to surround the Federal units.  After a bitter hand-to-hand struggle in which they capture the National flag of the 39th Iowa, the Confederates force the Union regiments to retreat.  However, the 12lb. Napoleon cannon is safely removed to the Star Fort.  The survivors join the other companies of the 93rd Illinois already in the Star Fort and the ditch surrounding it.

                      Fire from the 12th Illinois across the railroad cut strikes the flank of the 36th Mississippi as it moves toward the Star Fort and halts its advance.

            The 35th and 39th Mississippi of Sears’ Brigade assault the earthworks on the eastern side of the railroad cut, but make no headway.

            The 18th Wisconsin briefly pauses on the southern slope of the hill, and then continues to retire into the Eastern Redoubt.

            Forty men of the 39th North Carolina advance from Moore’s Hill and skirmish with the 18th Wisconsin as it retires.


allatoona pass 1040 am
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