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     I first began reading about the Civil War in elementary school, but it wasn’t until I checked out William A. Frassanito’s Gettysburg: A Journey in Time in high school that my imagination caught fire.  Looking at the maps and photographs in that book I could picture in my mind’s eye that I was there.  A 3-D picture formed in my head of the battlefield.  If I pictured myself standing on Devil’s Den looking at Little Round Top, I could visualize Big Round Top to my right, and Plum Run Valley to my left.  If I imagined myself looking from the Seminary toward the McPherson farm, then I could visualize McPherson’s Woods to the left, and the large sweeping field to my right extending all the way to Oak Hill.  When I finally visited Gettysburg almost ten years later everything was almost exactly as I had pictured it!


     I have always loved “then and now” pictures whether they are from the Civil War, World War Two, or everyday rural and urban America.  I love the way history changes in a visual way.  I am also an avid miniature wargamer and amateur military historian, both of which have given me an appreciation for terrain and the men and women who have fought in that terrain over what they believe in.


     All of these interests have come together in this website.  I hope you can visit one of the many battlefields featured on my website and come away with an image in your own mind’s eye of what they looked like.  Then, if you have the opportunity to visit them in person, I hope you can feel like you’ve already been there! Don't forget to read the guide to get the best enjoyment out of the site.




Brad Butkovich


Civil War Virtual Tours

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