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Maps of Allatoona Pass

Map Legend

The Battle
     Opening Moves
     10:00 AM
     10:20 AM
     10:30 AM
     10:40 AM
     10:50 AM
     11:00 AM
     12:00 PM
     1:30 PM
     2:00 PM

Then and Now

Order of Battle

Wargaming Allatoona Pass


10:50 AM

            Cockrell and Young’s brigades take time to reorganize after capturing Rowett’s Redoubt.

            General Corse takes the respite to order the 12th and 50th Illinois from the eastern side of the cut to the Star Fort.  The 50th Illinois climbs down the hill and then back up to the Star Fort under intense rifle fire as well as the bombardment from the artillery on Moore's Hill, suffering severe casualties.  It is unknown whether the 12th Illinois uses the footbridge or follows the 50th Illinois.  In addition, three companies of the 18th Wisconsin and the two companies of the 57th Illinois in the Eastern Redoubt are sent over to the Star Fort.  Their exact route to the Star Fort is also unknown.

            Approximately 80 soldiers of the 35th and 39th Mississippi are trapped in the gully between the works of the 12th Illinois and 4th Minnesota.  They are pinned down by fire from both Union regiments (and from the 4th alone when the 12th moves), and cannot move.

            The detachment of the 39th North Carolina uses the railroad embankment for cover and skirmishes with the soldiers in the Eastern Redoubt.

            Young and Cockrell finish reorganizing and begin advancing upon the Star Fort.  By this time the Star Fort and the ditch surrounding it are packed with Union soldiers.  Inside the Star Fort they are 3 ranks deep, with the two rear ranks loading and passing up rifles for the first rank to shoot.


allatoona pass 1050 am
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