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Maps of Pickett's

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Maps of Pickett's Mill

This map shows the area between New Hope Church and Pickett's Mill.  It was here that the two armies marched into the positions that led to the Battle of Pickett's Mill.  The homes, farms, and roads that can be verified have been included on the map. There were undoubtedly more.  Also, no foliage is shown on the map, since the exact nature of the fields and farms is unknown.

campaign map
This map of the Pickett's Mill and New Hope Church area is from the Official Military Atlas of the Civil War.
atlas map

Map of the Pickett's Mill battlefield.

area map
This map was included with General William B. Hazen's official report on the battle.
hazens map
An image of the Pickett's Mill battlefield as it looks today.  Image © Google 2010.
overhead view
All images, text, and video © Historic Imagination
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