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Maps of Chickamauga

Map Legend

The Battle
     The Campaign
     Sept. 18th, 1863
     Sept. 19th, 1863
     Sept. 20th, 1863

Then and Now

Order of Battle

Wargaming Chickamauga



12:05 PM
Sept 19th

Again, the Federals win a footrace for position, and Van Derveer deploys minutes before Dibrell launches his attack.  The attack is fierce, causing the 35th Ohio to waver momentarily, but ultimately the strength of the Union infantry and devastating canister from the artillery halt the advance.  Dibrell retires back into the woods.

The 17th and 9th Ohio retire from their advanced position, leaving the guns of Battery H, 5th United States alone in the woods.  They will be recovered and retrieved later in the afternoon.

Croxton and Govan continue their fight.

12:15 PM 

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