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Welcome to Civil War Virtual Tours!

     The American Civil War has captured the interest and imagination of scholars, students, and everyday people for generations, both in the United States and abroad.  One of the things that draws people to study the war is that fact that many of the battlefields are well preserved and easily accessible.  From generals to privates, the gripping struggles of a nation played out in the woods, fields, and homes of ordinary Americans.  These hallowed grounds continue to connect modern Americans with their past, and the war that shaped a nation.


     Many of those interested in the Civil War live hundreds or thousands of miles away from the nearest battlefield.  Some of the most enthusiastic students live abroad.  Such distances make it extremely difficult for them to travel and visit battlefields they have read about for years.  Come take a visual tour of battlefields of the American Civil War.  Inside you will find:


  • Detailed maps of the battlefields showing the terrain and troop movements
  • Photographs of the battlefield from multiple angles and locations, in large and small formats
  • Video of some of the most important places to visit
  • A thoroughly researched Order of Battle for each battle


     This site is very image and graphic intensive.  Click here for a guide of the best way to view and use this site.


     Enjoy, and hopefully learn something new!

Civil War Top 100

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