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Maps of Chickamauga

Map Legend

The Battle
     The Campaign
     Sept. 18th, 1863
     Sept. 19th, 1863
     Sept. 20th, 1863

Then and Now

Order of Battle

Wargaming Chickamauga



5:00 PM
Brigade Overview
Sept 19th

            At 5 o’clock the Union Army of the Cumberland is in a state of crisis.  On the north end of the field, Johnson’s division and the two brigades in the Brock Field are resting, but are also relatively isolated.  The Union center has been broken at Brotherton Field, and are retreating at the southern end of the battlefield at the Viniard farmstead.

            Unfortunately for the Confederates, they lack the resources on-hand to exploit their success.  There are no fresh troops with which to attack Johnson.  The breakthrough in the center has been achieved by two tired brigades with no effective support.  Law’s division lacks the firepower to push aside Wilder’s brigade even if they do scatter Davis’ division.

            Reinforcements are on the way to both sides.  Sheridan’s division has arrived behind Wilder, and Negley’s division likewise has begun to deploy west of the Dyer Field.  To the North, Thomas has sent Baird’s division to help Johnson, and Brannan’s division has almost reached the Poe house to help Hazen.  Likewise, Cleburne’s division is on the way to get the attack restarted in the north, and Hindman’s division is on the way to the Viniard farm.

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