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Maps of Allatoona Pass

Map Legend

The Battle
     Opening Moves
     10:00 AM
     10:20 AM
     10:30 AM
     10:40 AM
     10:50 AM
     11:00 AM
     12:00 PM
     1:30 PM
     2:00 PM

Then and Now

Order of Battle

Wargaming Allatoona Pass


Allatoona Village

The pictures below show the area around Allatoona Village and the railroad tracks, as well as the base of the Tennessee Road and the first position of the 50th Illinois.  Click on the number to see the modern day view.  Also, click on the Star Fort to see a detailed map of the pictures in the interior.

The dark red numbers indicate still photographs.  The light red V numbers show video.  The green V numbers indicate historical 1866 George Barnard photographs.  The blue P number shows the perspective of a Library of Congress painting of the battle.


allatoona pass map
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